Boo. Also, call.

The headlines keep rolling in. Today, we found out he's offering Attorney General to a guy who was deemed too racist for a federal judgeship. The position would give this guy, Sen. Jeff Sessions, power over how we define and protect civil rights.

His proposals include defunding sanctuary cities, slowing legal immigration and challenging the 14th amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship.

He's called the ACLU and NAACP "un-American" for "[forcing] civil rights down the throats of people."

The Attorney General is the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the US government. This guy's past does not bode well for any of us, least of all the country's most vulnerable.

Sessions will likely be confirmed by the Republican-majority Senate, but we still need to call. And fax. And write. Tell your senator where you stand. Even or especially when you think they won't stand with you. If they choose to flout the will of the people, then we'll know what kind of politician they really are.

We owe much to immigrants for saving our country from the cesspit of deluded mediocrity Sessions wants it to become—in other words, a nation of Trumps. His policies are a threat to documented and undocumented immigrants alike. From Politico:

"Using his new gavel on the Senate immigration panel, Sessions said he plans to hold oversight hearings on H-1B visas that benefit high-skilled immigrants — one of the tech industry’s top priorities in Washington. Sessions has been in touch with tech employees who say they’ve been laid off in favor of foreign workers. And his office recently conducted a staff briefing for Senate aides, outlining what they say are abuses to the H-1B system."

Take this together with Steve Bannon's comments on international students and Trump's malleability, and you can see how this will pan out. The president-elect, who has no experience in public office to speak of, has surrounded himself with ideologues and private interests—and he's indebted to all of them.

The stakes are too high to miss a single opportunity. We need to pressure everyone.

Go ahead and boo. Also, march. Also, call.