Tuesday roundup

I’m going to pretend this is a thing. I just made it a thing.

Every other Tuesday When I can, I am going to publish my very own Best of the Internet roundup. Why? Because I can. The internet is a democracy—that’s why there’s so much Russian propaganda on it.

Here are my things.

Vox: Ezra Klein & Anil Dash in conversation
They talk about so many different ethical quandaries facing tech giants today that it feels like an understatement to call out just one or two. Worth a listen just for the discussion of Free Basics and colonialist arrogance.

Kristen Roupenian’s “The Good Guy”
That’s her NAME! Start using it! Anyway, I love Roupenian’s writing. I’m dying to preorder her book in meatspace (pulpspace?). Ted’s combination of narcissism and self-hatred make him dangerous to the women he dates, but Roupenian lets us see how he got that way. His narcissism makes sense. But unlike women in his situation, he refuses to “settle,” or to try to like someone who likes him back. Instead, he gets wrathful. I love this story so much.

Tony Tulathimutte on Kristen Roupenian
If Tulathimutte wrote the first great millennial novel, Roupenian wrote the first great millennial short story. It will be interesting to find out what that means. Anyway, I love how he describes the central conceit of these stories: “Although You Know You Want This may be timely in its occasional adjacency to #MeToo, its real canniness comes from apprehending the psychology not only of power, but of power-hunger as, itself, a form of weakness: how people harbor an impulse toward sadistic narcissism, and how little it takes for them to succumb to it." I also love that he basically identifies a new millennial literary phenomenon of Exploring The Problem of Shitty Men. What a wild age.