Public pressure counts.

It’s what got rid of Bannon; it’s what got my friend’s ex’s dad out of airport limbo during the Muslim ban. Visibly supporting AOC helps. Calling and donating helps. READING HELPS! Reading helps so much. It prepares you to engage with people who might genuinely not know that children are being kept in dog cages at the border, sexually abused by guards, and starved/subjected to freezing cold temperatures on purpose, among other things.

Reading and talking to your own (for me, that means following my awesome Rabbi’s lead and schooling conservative Jewish orgs on Facebook when they try to represent us) helps. NONE OF THIS IS INSURMOUNTABLE! It’s just going to take a lot of people working together.

We have to stop this disgrace that’s happening in our name. We have to close the detention centers and #AbolishICE. Until then, we watch them. We don’t look away.