Blogging to the beat.

The Foxgrove is a boutique electronic music and DJ school for complete beginners.* Their mission is to demystify music production and make it accessible to anyone who loves the genre. I helped them launch The Hunt, a blog covering intersections of music, fashion and technology. And cats.


The Hunt

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"Before Ableton, There Was This Musical Typewriter." April 7, 2016

“Find Space for This Oddity: The David Bowie Dinner Plate.” March 31, 2016

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"You Will Never Look at Your Speakers the Same Way Again." February 26, 2016

"This Ribcage Plays 'Mambo Italiano' — For a Price." February 25, 2016

"Fashion and Music Meet in Glorious Zeitguised Animation." February 24, 2016

"The Made Shop Animates Son Lux Song with Pins and Thread." February 23, 2016

"Haribo Lets You Eat Your Serato Controller, Sort Of." February 22, 2016

"We Build This City On… Glitch Hop, Hyphy and Swedish Metal." February 19, 2016

"The History of Electronic Music You Won't Find in a Book." February 18, 2016

"This 'Sonic Bed' Helps You Sleep Soundly." February 17, 2016

"Headphone Bling: Now You Can Look As Good As You Sound." February 16, 2016

"Emily Lazar: The Making Of A Mastering Engineer." February 15, 2016

*Note: Some of these posts were edited to include somewhat eccentric promotional language after I submitted them. It’s okay.